In-depth Weekend Workshop, October 12th-14th 2012

Mysore Old Shala Style

In the early days of modern Astanga yoga practice in Mysore, India, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath taught in a tiny room in groups of maximum 12 students at a time. In this workshop you will experience the unique combination of two teachers and a small class. The weekend will be on a “first come first serve” basis and is limited to 12 people.

In order to nurture personal growth and deep learning, we will work to break down old patterns in order to build up a new kind of awareness of key concepts of the practice. The weekend includes in-depth workshops offering a variety of different perspectives to promote and support the practice and exploration of yoga.

Mikko Seppinen and Olle Bengtström
are long time friends, both breathing from the same yoga source. Their paths met ten years ago, both practicing under the guidance of Lino Miele and later Pattabhi Jois.

Read more about Olle and Mikko.

Location, price and booking:

  • Mysore Yoga CPH, Dronning Olgas Vej 15A. 1.sal, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Price: 1.250 DKK, consisting of 6 in-depth classes and a vegetarian dinner on saturday.
  • A registration fee of 500 DKK is due immediately to secure your spot. The balance of 750 DKK is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop. The workshop is limited to 12 people.
  • Cancellation policy:
    The registration fee is nonrefundable and cancellation of the workshop can be made up until 2 weeks prior to the workshop, at which time the balance is due. Please note that no refunds will be made after the 2 week deadline. If your balance payment is not made on time, your spot might be lost.

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Please note: Participants should have a regular practice of Astanga yoga. The course is not designed to teach the sequence but rather to deepen an existing practice. Group is limited to 12 students and it’s filled up at a “first come, first serve” basis.


Friday October 12th

  • 18-20 Breath. Pattabhi Jois used to say ‘Astanga yoga is a breathing practice, the rest is just bending’. Breathing is the most vital process of the body and at the very heart of Astanga yoga. It is the door between our body and mind, conscious and unconscious, and a portal to meditation. Our starting session will offer an introduction to the subtle world of prana and apana, and thus set the foundation for the entire weekend.

Saturday October 13th

  • 7.30-11 Day opening and In-depth guided practice. We will start the day with a short intention setting, followed by a guided in-depth asana practice with special focus on the bandhas. Bandhas are basic yoga techniques that require some physical action and a lot of mental concentration. To help us understand how to direct energy intelligently and find healthy alignment, we will break down the subtle elements of bandhas and explore the concepts of prana and apana within the context of asana.
  • 15-17 Finishing sequence. The finishing sequence rounds off each and every Astanga practice. It includes the “king” and “queen” of the yoga poses, and is considered to be the main therapeutic and restorative sequence of the entire practice. In this workshop we will take a closer look at what does this all means, and explore how to gain the maximum benefit from this highly important sequence.
  • 18-20 Food, discussion and Q&A. We will get together to share, interact, inspire and to be inspired. We will create a space for questions, answers and a memorable early evening. And the food is going to be tasty!

Sunday October 14th

  • 7.30-10 Pranayama and Mysore practice. Pranayama is a practice of controlling one’s energy, pranic current, by controlling the breath. We’ll start the Sunday morning with basic pranayama practices, followed by Mysore style practice.
  • 13.30-15 Meditation. In yoga sutras Patanjali described how the eight-fold path of yoga leads to meditation. In the final session of the workshop we’ll take the lessons from the weekend into a sitting practice. Our aim is to create a steady asana, “seat” and explore the elements of meditation.

”Do your practice and all is coming.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” ― Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

"Astanga yoga is 99 percent practice, one percent theory." ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”Everyone can practice Astanga yoga. Except lazy people.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is." ― Bhagavad Gita

“The mind is restless and difficult to restrain, but it is subdued by practice.” ― Bhagavad Gita

“Asana practise is for 2 hours. Yoga practise is for 24 hours.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

”When the mind is quiet, the asana is correct.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”This is not a gym, you are not here to work out. You are here to bring peace to yourself, to know who you are.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

”With practice anything is possible.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

“The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it.” ― Bhagavad Gita