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Mysore Yoga CPH

We are in Nørrebro, ten minutes from Copenhagen city centre. Learn an authentic yoga practice at your own pace with KPJAYI authorized teachers Helena Melkjorsen and Mikko Seppinen.

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Strong body

Calm mind

Astanga yoga develops strength, flexibility and vitality in the body, and calm and clarity in the mind. Private instruction within a group setting helps you to improve and grow where you need it most.
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Your body. Your life.

Your practice

We are all different. Astanga yoga views each student as unique and in Mysore class all instructions are provided one-on-one. No preparation is needed, just get started. Beginners practice takes around 45 minutes.

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Gravity within Astanga Yoga

Workshops with Johanna Chemnitz on February 23rd     at 12 – 14 Bringing focus into the exploration and sensation… more
08/12/2019 - Mysore Yoga CPH RSS

Intro to Astanga yoga – 2 hours

Intro to Astanga yoga: February 9th, March 8th, April 5th, May 3rd or June 6th                       at 12.00 –… more
07/10/2019 - Mysore Yoga CPH RSS
Mysore Yoga CPH - Astanga yoga - Ashtanga - Copenhagen - København - Frederiksberg

Petri Räisänen workshop March 19th – 22th 2020

Registration forFull  Workshop and single classes is open   We are so happy to announce that we once… more
01/09/2019 - Mysore Yoga CPH RSS