Our online booking is now available

Update 15/5: We are now processing credit card payments. If you made a booking before 15/5 you will be prompted via email to add your credit card details to your account.

Our online store is open and ready for you to book any practice passes, register to Auto Pay contracts and sign up for intro workshops.

How does online booking happen?

  1. Click ”eShop” on the menu or the banner on the front page.
  2. Sign up either with your Facebook account or create an account manually.
  3. You’ll find all the memberships and contracts under ”Online Store”. Monthly Auto Pay membership options are under ”Contracts” and any other practice passes as well as intro workshops under ”Series and Memberships”.
  4. Select your membership, contract or course and check out. Confirmation will be sent to your email address.
  5. All you need to do afterwards is to show up at Mysore Yoga CPH and enjoy the practice! We will give you a personal laminated practice card with a beautiful design.

Important note regarding your account:

  • Online booking is now available, but please note: we need to wait 1.5 weeks before we process your credit card payment. You will be prompted via email to add your credit card details to your account around May 9th.

If you want to use other payment methods than credit card and online system, our kind request is that you pay either with cash or make a money transfer into our account. You’ll get a receipt afterwards by providing your email address.

Reg and account number: 3306-10860466.

See our schedule and opening bargains: click here.

If any questions don’t hesitate to email us, info@mysoreyogacph.dk.

We are happy to see you soon!

”Do your practice and all is coming.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” ― Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

"Astanga yoga is 99 percent practice, one percent theory." ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”Everyone can practice Astanga yoga. Except lazy people.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is." ― Bhagavad Gita

“The mind is restless and difficult to restrain, but it is subdued by practice.” ― Bhagavad Gita

“Asana practise is for 2 hours. Yoga practise is for 24 hours.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

”When the mind is quiet, the asana is correct.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

”This is not a gym, you are not here to work out. You are here to bring peace to yourself, to know who you are.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

”With practice anything is possible.” ― Sri R. Sharath Jois

“The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it.” ― Bhagavad Gita